PVC enclosures

Technical specifications

PVC enclosures are made from plastics with class II isolation. They are produced in two variants: as wall-mounted or built-in. Locked with a patented lock or other type of a lock as agreed with the customer. Meter reading window can be inserted into the enclosure.

PVC enclosures are suitable for mounting of standard elements such as:

  • single-phase and three-phase meter board
  • fuse cover, S4 or S6 type
  • fuse disconnector
  • fuse base
  • terminal strip
  • support insulator

PVC enclosures meet standard requirements:

  • PN­-EN61439­-1
  • PN­-EN60439-­5
  • PN-­EN62208
  • EN62208
  • PN­-EN60439­3

Standard specifications:

  • Protection degree: IP44
  • Isolation voltage: 500V
  • Rated current for meter enclosures: 32A
  • Rated current for cable enclosures: 250A
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Switching voltage: AC400V

All types of our PVC enclosures are produced by us in our in-house factory. We are happy to produce enclosures in any preferred size according to submitted requests and as agreed with the customer.