Our offer

We offer high quality enclosures of two types:


- PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) enclosures are characterised by a lightweight construction resistant to weather and corrosion.
Our enclosures are used indoors and outdoors within the utilities industry as masking covers, electrical and gas cabinets. Bespoke enclosures in preferred sizes and colours can be manufactured in our factory as per your request. We guarantee aesthetic, highly durable products as a cost effective solution for all residential building fittings.


- GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) enclosures have many benefits for usage in all industry applications due to their high strength as well as corrosion free, fire and weather proof properties in even the most extreme conditions.
Our clients, mostly from the electrical and energy sectors, employ them as free-standing switchboards and connectors. We design the GRP enclosures to be easily set up in various modular configurations making them perfectly suitable for outdoor building fittings.